If you are a new owner of a brand new vehicle that you are still even afraid of touching in fear for scratching the wonderful and glistening paint, then here are some ideas on buying other items of importance for the vehicle. Especially if you have done something to the wiper that has scratched yout is windscreen or not doing the job it was made for properly. This can sometimes happen if you have bought the wrong type or a cheap wiper for your vehicle.

Re-indexing to fix existing wipers

If you think there is something else other than the wipers that are creating issues on top of your windscreen, then you will need to re-index your wiper to troubleshoot and pinpoint the issue. You can do this by starting the car and turning on the wipers until they have reached the edge of the windscreen (all the way upwards).

Then turn off the ignition, get off and move the wipers away from the windscreen. Then take off the bolt that fixes the wiper arm onto the vehicle (by the point the mechanical motor meets the wiper arm). Once you are removed this bolt, then the wiper arm can move freely and move it around and then put the bolt back on again. Then add some water to the windscreen and check to see if the problem that had popped up earlier still exists. Sometimes cleaning the blade using a soft cloth is recommended and so is washing it with water but safety and proper care is needed for this.

When replacing the wipers

You will have to figure out what the best wipers are by reading the manual and checking the specifications given in the manual that came with the vehicle when you bought it. Check these specifications and the one that you have already bought and go to an expert of car accessories in UAE to make sure that you have actually been using the correct ones. If the expert on car accessories in UAE advises to buy new wipers then it is a good idea to get their recommendations for the good brands according to your vehicle’s specifications. There are different types of wiper blades (standard blades, spoiler blades, specific fit, rubber made and flat blades) and different types of connectors (hook slots, straight ends, pin connectors) that are used for the wiper blades. It is recommended to get the replacement done at a service centre or other professional car mechanic so that the connector or the blade is not accidently damaged or scratched during the process.