Computer science is using software and hardware to design, develop and analyse software to solve various problem in a business. This degree is becoming increasing popular due to the efficiency it increases in a business. Those with a degree in computer science can get careers such as software application developer, computer system analyst, computer system engineer, business intelligence analyst and web developer to name a few. Similar to computer engineering degrees, the demand for computer science degrees will continue to grow.
Every one of us wants to be paid highly. Most of the cases it takes time to reach a high position and earn a high salary. Not all jobs are created equally and some jobs have more perks than others. Further different jobs have different requirements from training, degrees and masters. Some are more stressful than others and working times may also differ. For example doctors may have to be on call and may have to work around the clock, similarly a pilot may have to fly at different times, corporate lawyers job can be very stress full etc. Some profession require many years of studying, longer than the average degree. The jobs that are on the highest paid list are ones that requires hard work, dedication and many years of education. At the end of the day all the difficulty the individual went through becomes an investment that they would never regret. Here’s the list of the highest paid jobs in the world.
Surgeons are doctors who specialise in operations and surgery. There are many kinds of surgeries such as cardiac surgery, brain surgery, transplant surgery, paediatric surgery, dental surgery, vascular surgery and many more. Similarly surgeons all specialise in certain surgeries. Surgery is also a highly specialised skill that makes them one of the top earners. Even within surgeons, neurological surgeons, paediatric neurosurgeons and cardiac surgeons earn higher than the other surgeons. Wages may differ country to country and there is Singapore business development internship  offered in hospitals. To become a surgeon further study is required after medical school is required.
Petroleum engineers
Petroleum engineers are a high paying profession. Petroleum engineers work with hydrocarbons that can be crude oil or natural gas. Petroleum engineers require knowledge in other fields such as economics, petroleum geology, reservoir stimulation, well engineering, geophysics, formation evaluation, oil and gas facilities engineering. Even though it can be one of the highest paid jobs petroleum engineers are susceptible to mass layoffs due to oil prices falling. Lot of knowledge is gained by experience in IT internship Singapore and a petroleum engineering internship will greatly benefit a new engineer. There are a few types of petroleum engineers such as reservoir engineer, drilling engineers and production engineers.
Psychiatrists are doctors that specialise in mental disorders. They study, treat and cure mental disorders. This requires the psychiatrist to evaluate the patient based on their behaviour. Similar to surgeons physiatrists are highly specialised. There are many sub specialities in the field of psychiatry such as addiction psychiatry, clinical neuro physiology, pain management, child and adolescent psychiatry and many more. Being a psychiatrist is highly lucrative and they receive high wages.